Jujumade+Brook&Lyn collaboration

I asked Julie over oysters if she would be up for creating ceramic ponytail barrettes together for our LA collaboration series. After completing the first sample, I knew we had something truly special. That first barrette lead us to create an entire ceramic hair accessory line together (full collection is launching in Feb. 2013). The pieces available on our shop are a sneak-peek at what’s to come!

Julie Hung, the creator behind¬†Jujumade,¬†is constantly experimenting with shapes, materials and concepts. Visiting her studio is a burst of inspiration. Stacked at one end of the table you’ll find her beautifully hand-sculpted ceramic bangles, and on the other, the most charming bucket bag with tiny ceramic feet. Take a few more steps and you’ll come across some of her other work in progress; leather shoes, a freshly sewn polka dot leather shirt and the list goes on. Julie is more than a ceramicist, she is an artist, one whom I feel extremely privileged to be working with.

Shop the “Brook&Lyn Now in LA” collaboration series here.

Photography by Mimi Jung

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 2