I’m Revolting + Brook&Lyn

Take one step into my friend Su Wu’s loft and you can see her blog, I’m Revolting, come to life. Each decorative element has her thumbprint, perfect in it’s imperfections. At first, you don’t think twice about the decor, only because everything from the copper flatware to the double-headed naked man sculpture sitting on the edge of her bathtub clearly just belongs. Every piece has a unique trip and a story attached. I’ve never seen anyone shop with such enthusiasm and confidence. I sometimes outwardly question her purchases only to eat my words later when I see them placed so carefully, yet effortlessly within her world.

A few months ago, I asked my friend, Su Wu of I’m Revolting to collaborate on a personal guide to LA. Neither of us wanted to create a list of the best burgers in town, but rather a personal documentation of places in LA that have left an impression on Su’s life. They have been carefully narrowed down to five places to experience. Brian and I will be eternally grateful to Su for sharing her secret spots, and for letting us use her words to share them.

Access I’m Revolting’s complementary guide here.

Guide written by Su Wu
Photography by Mimi Jung
Design and Programming by Brian Hurewitz of Brook&Lyn

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 1