Stop It Right Now + Brook&Lyn

After asking Jayne to take part in our LA collaboration series, we went through oodles of ideas before becoming equally excited about a wood print scarf. The final design I got back from her was nothing like I had imagined, but a million times better.

Everyone knows Jayne from her blog, Stop It Right Now. To me, she embodies an inate, effortless chicness. But there is more to Jayne than just great style. I’ve watched her gracefully navigate the world of fashion without ever compromising her vision. She is never ever vain. She can be self deprecating in the most hilarious ways. She is obsessed with spam, zombies, Bart Simpson and Mr. T much like a 12-year old boy. But above all, Jayne is exactly herself at all times which is why I adore her.

Shop the “Brook&Lyn Now in LA” collaboration series here.

Photography by Mimi Jung

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 3