Brook&Lyn Now in Los Angeles
To celebrate our move to LA, we created a cuff inspired by the giant cactus in our new front yard!

Even though Brian and I were born elsewhere, we are New Yorkers. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine living outside of NYC, let alone the East Village. But six months ago—with three dogs and a deep longing for space, privacy and an actual home life—we decided to head west. We settled into a cozy little house in Silverlake with what New Yorkers call “a ginormous backyard”, but in LA, it’s a really just a modest outdoor space. We’ve been diligently trying to fill it with every kind of of cactus known to man. I can’t say that I have a green thumb, but for the first time in my life, I might be developing one.

Photography by Mimi Jung

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 4


Stop It Right Now + Brook&Lyn

After asking Jayne to take part in our LA collaboration series, we went through oodles of ideas before becoming equally excited about a wood print scarf. The final design I got back from her was nothing like I had imagined, but a million times better.

Everyone knows Jayne from her blog, Stop It Right Now. To me, she embodies an inate, effortless chicness. But there is more to Jayne than just great style. I’ve watched her gracefully navigate the world of fashion without ever compromising her vision. She is never ever vain. She can be self deprecating in the most hilarious ways. She is obsessed with spam, zombies, Bart Simpson and Mr. T much like a 12-year old boy. But above all, Jayne is exactly herself at all times which is why I adore her.

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Photography by Mimi Jung

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 3


Jujumade+Brook&Lyn collaboration

I asked Julie over oysters if she would be up for creating ceramic ponytail barrettes together for our LA collaboration series. After completing the first sample, I knew we had something truly special. That first barrette lead us to create an entire ceramic hair accessory line together (full collection is launching in Feb. 2013). The pieces available on our shop are a sneak-peek at what’s to come!

Julie Hung, the creator behind Jujumade, is constantly experimenting with shapes, materials and concepts. Visiting her studio is a burst of inspiration. Stacked at one end of the table you’ll find her beautifully hand-sculpted ceramic bangles, and on the other, the most charming bucket bag with tiny ceramic feet. Take a few more steps and you’ll come across some of her other work in progress; leather shoes, a freshly sewn polka dot leather shirt and the list goes on. Julie is more than a ceramicist, she is an artist, one whom I feel extremely privileged to be working with.

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Photography by Mimi Jung

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 2


I’m Revolting + Brook&Lyn

Take one step into my friend Su Wu’s loft and you can see her blog, I’m Revolting, come to life. Each decorative element has her thumbprint, perfect in it’s imperfections. At first, you don’t think twice about the decor, only because everything from the copper flatware to the double-headed naked man sculpture sitting on the edge of her bathtub clearly just belongs. Every piece has a unique trip and a story attached. I’ve never seen anyone shop with such enthusiasm and confidence. I sometimes outwardly question her purchases only to eat my words later when I see them placed so carefully, yet effortlessly within her world.

A few months ago, I asked my friend, Su Wu of I’m Revolting to collaborate on a personal guide to LA. Neither of us wanted to create a list of the best burgers in town, but rather a personal documentation of places in LA that have left an impression on Su’s life. They have been carefully narrowed down to five places to experience. Brian and I will be eternally grateful to Su for sharing her secret spots, and for letting us use her words to share them.

Access I’m Revolting’s complementary guide here.

Guide written by Su Wu
Photography by Mimi Jung
Design and Programming by Brian Hurewitz of Brook&Lyn

Brook&Lyn Now in LA Part 1


My friend Su Wu of I’m Revolting curated a popup for Creatures of Comfort LA this month! I was lucky enough to be a part of it all. My pieces are the Crying Eye Pom Poms ($120), Tear Pom Poms ($100), Weavings ($750-$800), Mirror Wooden Screen ($2,700). Everything you see above is also available until at Creatures of Comfort LA until November 10, 2012. Call the LA store at 212 925 1005 to purchase if you’re not in the LA area.

Check out Sigh Unseen’s article on the popup here.

We’re Revolting Popup